Monday, February 22, 2010


I have made a very valiant effort to connect with NetLibrary and download an audiobook. However, the spirits are not with me on this one, and I must finally admit defeat. When I open it at home, I am unable to set up an account, and am unable to find any sort of link on the LD Bell site. When I go to it at school, I am taken to the LD Bell site, but when I set up an account, all I see are ebooks- not audiobooks. So I tried going to the Hurst Public Library site from school to set up an account through them, but that took me back to the LD Bell site, and the ebooks. SOOOO, I tried going to Hurst Public from home, and it told me I have to set up the account at the library. Jeesh. I give up. I will, maybe, try to do this at HPL, but since I don't plan on downloading any books, probably not anytime soon. I know, I will go when I have a MP3 player to download them on!
I did make an interesting audiobook discovery, though. When revisiting the site, I noticed a link for downloading a "free" audiobook. Curious as ever, I went to this link and read about It is a division of Amazon, and is a monthly subscription service for downloading audiobooks. For $14.95 per month, you get 1 "credit"- usually worth one book. S0 you can download 12 books/year, and play them on any media player or your computer. This may be interesting, the 14 day trial would be a fun way to listen to something brand new. I would like to compare their library of titles to what is available for free at NetLibrary, that is if I can ever get to it! Anyway, I am an audiobook addict, so maybe once I have something to play them on (away from my car), I will investigate these resources further. For now, I am closing the book on audiobooks.

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